What are the Methods Used for Repairing the Foundation of a House?

There are many ways of repairing the foundation. Some of the foundation repair methods can only be chosen on the basis of compatibility with the climate, soil, and geography. The underpinning of your foundation and stabilizing the foundation walls are the foolproof methods for permanent Home Foundation Repair. Additionally, these can be implemented successfully with the Helical Piers, Wall anchors, Push Piers, Slab Piers and Carbon Fiber Wall reinforcement. Here are these methods delineated below.

  1. Helical piers

These piers are used in the new construction and the lighter structures as well. The piers are built of galvanized steel amalgamated with a round tube and the blades. The round tube is deemed the strongest underpinning solution in the foundation repair business. Hence, the blades make it easy to screw the pier down into the ground.

  1. Push piers

These are usually used in the retrofit applications or in order to stabilize and elevate buildings that are already existing. Push piers have the best of the ability to elevate a structure back to its original position. Similar to the helical piles, push piers are also built of a round tube and galvanized steel which is the strongest in the foundation repair business and it is also ASTM certified. The weight of the building is used to push the piers into the ground hydraulically until it reaches the bed rock or the load bearing stratum. Once the piers touch the load bearing stratum, they are pressured and pushed down even further which causes an upward movement. This movement will consequently lift up your home.

  1. Wall anchors

Wall anchors tend to straighten and stabilize the foundation walls. An anchor plate is planted into the soil which further connects to a strong steel rod and a wall plate. This will make the wall stable and let you to straighten the wall gradually, hence protecting the structural integrity of your home.

  1. Slab piers

These piers are push piers that are planted under a slab foundation with the same advantages. These piers are planted into a deep and stable soil that helps in stabilizing your abode and elevates the concrete slab and the interior walls. Slab piers are a life-long, underpinning solution that can be easily installed. Additionally, this solution also minimizes the mess and stress to your home as well as the landscaping.