Five Dos and Don’ts for Boiler Repair and Servicing!

Usually, the use the central heating systems is at the peak during winters. If you have a boiler at home, it is extremely important to get it serviced during the summer, because the first problem is likely to arise when you switch on the appliance after summer. Much like the plumbing and drainage system, boilers must be serviced regular to prevent the need for extensive and expensive repairs. While new models can be checked and inspected once in couple of years, the older ones must be serviced annually. No matter whether it is about servicing or boiler breakdown, you need a professional company that can get the job done. It is also of utmost importance to ensure that only a Gas Safe registered engineer is handling the work.

Below, we have listed down the dos and don’ts that matter the most.

  • First and foremost, do NOT attempt to repair the boiler at your end. This can cause serious damage to the appliance and can be reason for major accidents. You are not a technician and some jobs are best left for experts.
  • Find a company that’s associated with the brand. If you need Bosch boiler repair, you must look for a repair services that’s accredited and associated with the brand. This just ensures that the company has the required expertise and can handle all kinds of small and extensive repair work.
  • Always work with competent service. Boiler repair work often cannot be delayed, and it’s essential and pertinent to get assistance on time. Find a company that works 24×7 and is accessible at all times. They must also have an in-house team of experts and OFTEC and Gas Safe registered engineers for such tasks.

  • Get an estimate. Repair work of boilers is scalable, and after checking the product, engineers can offer a quote for the work. If there are replacements to be done, they will mention the cost of parts separately. Make sure that you have a clear estimate in hand, so that there are no hidden charges.
  • Don’t go for a cheap service. Regardless of the brand or type of boiler you have, you must ensure that you hire a company that’s worth the time and money spent. The work should be backed by experience and in some cases, it is possible to get a guarantee on the job, as well. The cheaper services have their own ways of cutting corners, which can cost in the long run.

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