50+ Cutest Baby Bedroom Ideas for Small Room + Tips Decor

Cutest Baby Bedroom Ideas – Baby’s bedroom is a room that should be well designed so that your baby feels comfortable while resting. Room decoration is also variations, such as a minimalist model, colourfull, elegant, small room, large room and many other room designs. Your baby’s bedroom design should be adjusted to the size of the room

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Tips Design Baby Bedroom for small room

1. Laying of the crib

Place the bed in the middle of the room, away from the wall. This will ensure that there is good airflow on all sides of the room. It will also avoid accidents like falling wall design.

2. Paint the room

Mix the color of life and neutral when painting the room. Bright colors stimulate the baby’s brain to help them sleep better. Yellow, blue, pink and green are some of the most popular colors for baby bedroom design, you can also mix a little dark colors like purple, brown. Avoid using red, according to the psychology of red color can increase the baby’s heartbeat that causes anxiety in the baby

3. Warmth colors

The nursery gives you the opportunity to use colors that can not be applied in other areas of the house, such as the living room. Especially now there are various color choices and combinations of unusual colors. You can use it on some parts of the walls of the room and other bedding.

4. Wallpaper

According to Los Angeles’s Little Crown Interiors designers Naomi Alon and Gerri Panebianco, wallpapers are now back to the trend for the nursery. Especially now there are various options wallpaper images that can be replaced at will. Try to apply this wallpaper on one wall as a statement of the room.

5. wall decoration

Wall hangings are still a favorite in designing the nursery. Whether by putting photos of the baby or decorating the walls by using funny and interesting objects such as 3-dimensional decoration, dolls if your baby girl, and other decorations

6. Good ventilation

The rooms need to be well ventilated. You can also buy a thermometer room to measure the humidity inside and to ensure that the room temperature is conducive to sleep.

7. Focus On Rooftop Rooms

The roof can also contribute in providing attractive baby room design. If the baby’s room has a high roof, you can make it seem luxurious. Or it could be a more simple way by painting it using contrasting colors.

8. Bed selection

The choice of a crib is also very important, make sure you buy a comfortable and safe baby bed, avoid putting objects in the crib, such as dolls, useful for the baby can more freely move during sleep, you certainly would not want your baby to cry always because The uncomfortable bed

9. Avoid too many pillows

Do not put a lot of pillows on the crib. Use a small bolster and place them on the edge of the bed. Also use one small and lightweight pillow for baby’s head holder. Do no

t use big and heavy pillows because they can cause a shortness of breath in infants.

If you are looking for examples of baby bedroom ideas ¬†for your baby, here we show some examples of baby bedroom design for small room. Hopefully this Baby Bedroom Design Example can inspire you in designing your baby’s bedroom

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