5 Steps for Care and Maintenance of Wool Furniture

Wool furniture is the best looking and durable furniture pieces of all time. Selecting wool as your upholstery material for your Mobilier haut de gamme comes equipped with many benefits. It repels moisture, is breathable and resistant to wrinkle, mold and mildew. Some people select wool for their modern furniture because of these very properties. Selecting wool upholstery for furniture is a great choice no matter what kind of lifestyle you live. But do remember it is important to keep it clean and we have listed some steps for the same.

  • When purchasing wool furniture, remember that it may have some extra fiber that will tend to come off quickly just like any other wool garment. This is nothing to worry about and it will gradually slow down once you have used it for the short time. Use a soft fabric brush or vacuum it to keep the extra fibers at bay.

  • To maintain your wool upholstery on furniture on a regular basis, it is essential to vacuum it on the regular basis as well. Make the use of an upholstery attachment to slowly and gently vacuum your pillows, cushions, and structure of the furniture on a regular basis. The accumulation of dirt and dust can cause damage to the wool over time. To clean your wool furniture, never use a vacuum rotary brush as this will deteriorate the fabric too.
  • If you have a tiny and dry spill on the couch, such as the crumbs or dirt, you can use a soft brush to sweep it away, and then use the vacuuming to pick up the residual pieces left behind.
  • If your wool couch has a wet stain, you can save the couch from having a permanent damage. Be ready to clean up any spills as quickly as possible because once it dries up, they can be more difficult to get rid of. Depending on the furniture, you can use some light solvent and water to clean away the stain. Use a microfiber cloth and rub it in circular motions on the stain. Let it dry itself by air. When the spill is large and dry, take it to professional furniture cleaner.

  • Ensure that you inspect the furniture labels and any care instructions that come with it to ensure that you are using the right products and procedure for your wool upholstery.